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House for sale? 3 reasons why it isn’t selling in 2020

To begin with, 2020 is not a friendly year for homeowners who want to sell property this year. You may have followed all the well-known sales tips & tricks to make your home more appealing to viewers; tidied, organised and even put out a fresh bunch of flowers. All of this, just to sell your home; yet it’s still on the market and just wont budge. Ideally, you’d want to realize the statement “sell my house fast” and let your property sell for more than asking price. However, the reality is, the housing market isn’t always that straight forward. What you need is a game changer, especially if your home has been on the market for quite some time now. 

Recent evidence from the current UK property market suggests that only around 50% of properties that come on the market actually sell. Selling a property is just like any other product, if it’s excellent, functional and correctly priced then it will easily sell. There are some quick fixes you can do to successfully sell your home which we’ll go into detail below: 


It is vital to consider every aspect of your home. Is it tidy, functional and ideal for what a particular house buyer is looking for? Try to walk around your home and be objective about the state it’s in. Fix things that were previously unnoticed and add decorative touches so your home looks well maintained and loved. It will also be helpful to ask people who are close to you or your estate agent for their honest opinion on the things that need to be addressed. 

Beyond fixing, think about your home’s appeal or “luster-factor” and whether it’s suitable for your target market. For example, if it’s a family home, your home should be functional and friendly to buyers with young children. 


We tend to think that our properties are worth more than others in the same street. Emotions aside, you will have a better chance of selling if you sell property at the right price.

Now the question is how would you know what the right price is? We would always recommend an online valuation to get a quick price and idea of what your property may be worth. Not only is it fast and easy, it’s the most convenient option if you want to take the smooth and simple route to property selling. Within just a few clicks online from the comfort of your own home, you will have your well researched and in-depth valuation. This approach is a lot more data driven and accurate than local agents’ opinion and what they think the value of your property should be.  


Unfortunately the reason for your home spending so long on the market can be a result of your local estate agent not being proactive. If your estate agent’s service is poor and lacks action, it can cause a permanent problem for your property. This is totally unacceptable and shouldn’t be the case, after all, you’re paying them a lot of money to sell your property.

If you want to take the traditional path of selling through an estate agent, you’ve got to be prepared to wait an average of 9 months to sell your property; even then, around 1 in 3 property sales end up falling through due to a chain break, change in circumstance, or even economic changes. This can leave you out of position at a time when you’ve already found your dream home or next property. 

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