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Have you missed a mortgage payment?
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Are you struggling financially?

Why Choose Property Buyers Today?

1. Our service is fast and straight forward

We can help you sell your property as fast as you need

2. You decide how to sell

We offer you 3 genuine methods of sale: Cash Offer, Auction, Real Estate Listing

3. Our service is free!

We pay the legal costs, remove any unwanted furniture and we do not charge sale fees!


Other Reasons Why People Need to Sell Fast

There are many reasons why people across the UK are looking for a fast cash house sale. If you are looking to sell a problem house, or if you need a quick property sale, we can help you today.

Japanese Knotweed

Selling a house with Japanese Knotweed in or around the property is going to cause you a serious headache. Unfortunately, when it comes to Japanese Knotweed, you stand a serious risk of having to sell your house at a massively discounted price, or even not being able to sell it at all. This is because Japanese knotweed removal is very difficult, which is why mortgage lenders, in particular, are likely to not lend the full amount if a property has Japanese Knotweed anywhere near it.

Divorce & Separation

If you are getting divorced or dissolving your civil partnership, one of the biggest financial decisions you could face is what happens to the family home.  We can help you by tailoring an offer that best suits your needs and making sure both parties have somewhere to live afterwards and have the money needed to move on.

Dry Rot

If you’ve ever tried to sell a house with dry rot you’ll know that this is no easy task. Unfortunately, when it comes to a dry rot house your options can be fairly limited. This is because there sometimes is no easy way of removing dry rot, which can lead to large amounts of timber being removed from the property. This is one of the reasons mortgage lenders, in particular, are likely to not lend the full amount if a property has dry rot.


On top of the obvious issues you can face with trying to sell a house with subsidence or a house with subsidence history, another issue is that although it is not impossible to buy insurance for a property that has experienced subsidence in the past, there is not a lot of choices and it can be expensive.

This is because most mainstream insurers won’t insure a property which has been the subject of a subsidence claim. This means that the cost of insuring the property will put off prospective buyers or cause them to reduce their offer. Additionally, not being able to easily get insurance means that getting a mortgage for a house with subsidence is also not going to be easy.

Empty House

If you’ve ever tried to sell an empty house you’ll know it’s not as easy as it might seem. Unfortunately, when it comes to selling empty property things can often take a long time. This is because unless you’re planning on staging an empty house to sell, people often find it hard to imagine what the house would look like if it was furnished, this means that showing an empty house can also be more difficult.

Inherited House

Selling an inherited property can be tricky. Knowing how to sell inherited property can be crucial, especially when it comes to house taxes and taxes on sold inherited property. Selling a home you inherited can often be expensive and can take a long time due to the amount of paperwork involved.

Our Process in 4 Simple Steps

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We will visit your property or conduct a video call and carry out a quick survey, this takes around half an hour and ensures we get all the specifications so that we can compare your home with similar properties to establish its true value in the current market.

After the survey, we will offer you a genuine cash offer that helps you achieve the most for your property. We have the ability to buy in cash so it will be in a time frame that suits you.

If you’re happy with the offer, we will ask you to fill a couple of forms, we will arrange and pay for all the legal paperwork to be completed so you can sell your property and receive the funds into your bank account on a date of your choosing.


PBT vs Traditional Estate Agents

Property Buyers Today

75-90% of the market value

No Fees

Complete in 7-14 days

No current requirements to be regulated

Hassle-free, minimum effort process

Cash transferred directly to your account

Estate Agent

More likely to achieve full market value

1-3% of sale price + conveyancing fees

Minimum of 3 months, complications more likely, slow market, can be part of chain

Legally required to be a part of one of three compulsory redress schemes

Can entail haggling/negotiation and arranging viewings

Questions Asked by Our Clients

How will you value my property?

Whilst each property we value will be independently assessed, we do follow a similar process for all.


We will first spend some time talking to our customers about the local area, the property condition, interior and exterior and the available amenities in the local vicinity. We will also be working closely with our reliable and knowledgeable property experts and estate agents who will ensure that we provide the most accurate valuation possible.


We will gather all of our research and evidence and piece this together in a valuation report which will offer you an extensive overview of the information we have compiled.

Will I still have to pay even if the sale does not complete for any reason?

In short, No. We are happy to provide you with a free no-obligation, no-cost offer on the property in question. If you decide not to go ahead with the sale you are completely within your rights to do so. The valuation report is yours to keep, therefore if nothing else you will have gained some of our expert advice on what your property could be worth.

However, if you do decide to go ahead with our offer then all the legal fees will be included within the price - what you see is what you get so in summary if we buy a property, we cover all of the fees. The price we offer is the price you walk away with, subject to anything owed on the property.

Are you buying the property yourselves? Or do you need to source a buyer?

We are a genuine cash buyer. We have the ability to purchase properties, in any location, in most conditions and within a timescale to suit you. As opposed to many of our competitors, we do not farm this out to investors meaning our ‘offer’ to you, is exactly that!

How long will it take to complete the process?

From our initial consultation right through to when you receive the cash in your bank, we estimate this taking on average 10-14 days. This is not to say that we cannot speed this up to 2 days if required.


If we have received all the relevant information from yourself, we can begin the process from your acceptance immediately. If speed isn’t what you are after, we can process this to your own timescale.

What are the fees involved?

There are absolutely no fees involved from your side, we will present you with an offer which will include all of the costs, solicitors’ fees and any clear out costs. We can also assist you in finding rented accommodation if required.


Our aim is to make this as stress-free as possible, maintaining transparency from start to finish.

Will you buy the house even if there is a tenant still living in the property?

Yes, we can certainly still value the property even if there is a tenant in there. If you accept the offer, we can go ahead and process the purchase as normal.


Naturally, there will be an element of informing the tenant as we go through the stages however, this will not stop the sale going ahead.

Will you buy my home even if I am in financial difficulty and my property is being repossessed?

We can offer a solution to having your home repossessed. A quick hassle-free sale of your house should prevent any form of repossession.

Do you buy property outside of the UK?

At this stage, we can purchase property in the UK only. We do cover the whole of England & Whales.

Why do you call yourselves a ‘Cash Buyer’?

We are cash buyers simply because we are in the financial position to be able to purchase your property. No borrowing is required, no investors needed, and we can have the cash in your bank within 10-14 days on average.


A cash buyer is known as somebody who is serious about purchasing a property and has the ability to do so in a short space of time.

What does market value mean when making your offer?

When an estate agent values your property, you will find they build into their prices the costs of their own commission which is based upon the sale of the property. You can be waiting months and months to find a buyer who can offer you the high price and it has become almost the ‘norm’ to offer 10% less than what the property is marketed at.


You then negotiate for weeks to ensure all parties are in agreeance of sale and even then, your property can “fall through” or you can get “gazumped” which are very well-known phrases within the estate agent world.


When we make you an offer, we base it on market value which means the offer is what your property is actually worth. Funnily enough, this is normally what you come out with from an estate agent anyway. Calculate the costs once they have taken their commission, incorporated legal fees, taking into account the lower offer you accepted and also the long wait whilst the sale goes through.


We can take all this hassle away from you for a realistic and fair price.

Why should I choose you to purchase my property and not the other companies?

Our property experts have an incredibly high standard of understanding when it comes to purchasing a property. We can coach you through the stages, providing you with information and transparency throughout.


We are members of ….


  1. Property Ombudsman

  2. NAPB (National Association of Property Buyers)


Many of our competitors are not members of these professional bodies, meaning they have their own rules and regulations to work to. You should always check the company websites to ensure they are members of these associations to ensure a safe sale.

What differentiates us from other cash buying companies?

We will beat any genuine cash offer you get from other property cash buying companies.


Unlike your traditional property cash buying companies, we will offer you three different solutions and can sometimes even get you over market value for your property.


Enquire today to find out how we can help you sell your home fast.

I’d like a cash offer offer, how do I go about getting a valuation from you?

You can either call us directly on 01724 656711 or fill out the form below and submit it. You can also send us an email on info@propertybuyerstoday.co.uk and one of our property experts will be in touch to discuss the next stages.


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